foodroots | Food culture in your business.
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Rethink your staff restaurant

  • make it a part of your company’s strategy,
  • so it becomes your company’s inspiring, creative and cutting-edge meeting place
  • so that it’s a sustainable eating experience with a balanced diet for your employees and clients
  • using the potential of your corporate hospitality to start a circular economy within your company
  • so that your corporate catering has a positive impact on your corporate culture
  • to create a culinary partnership with your catering provider that goes far beyond finances
my services
My services

My services

Our common mission consists of promoting responsible action through the employees’ food culture as well as promoting culinary excellence in order to create social and ecological values within a company. With a balanced diet, we create added value for the company and our society.


About foodroots.

For the last ten years, I was in charge of establishing and developing Google’s global staff hospitality. I am a trained chef with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and a Master’s degree in General Management and I spent the last 30 years experimenting with, setting up and creating a multitude of projects.